Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life's to Short

A friend of mine recently pass passed away in a very unexpected accident. This has kept me thinking a lot about life and what we do with. This friend was an excellent example of faith and influencing others for good. It's sad to see someone who is so bright and has such a positive impact leave this world. As I pondered these things I have thought about what matters most. In pondering I have decided on few keys things of importance, among these are: 1. listening, especially to God 2. always seek to lift and share the burdens of others 3. stand for something, believe in something and be fiercely true to it 4. don't judge instead simply love 5. always do your best and 6. when you love someone tell them and show them. When I pass from this life to the next I sincerely believe that I will meet my Maker. I hope that I have spent my life in involved in what matters most. Life's to short to get tangled up in a lifestyle that I don't believe in. Life's to short to base my actions on physical impulse. If I don't base my life on what matters most then want I do mostly wont matter.

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  1. You are right Justin! we waste so much of time just thinking about our physical desires! We are alive for a greater cause.
    ''If you want to lead a happy life, tie it to a goal,not to people or objects''~ Albert Einstein.