Thursday, February 17, 2011

Being true to myself didn't me giving in and give up.

Those who are confused with same gender feelings are often told that they should be "true to themselves" meaning that they accept those attractions as the way they are and they shouldn't try to change them even if they want to. I often thought about that advice. I thought about who I was and what being true to myself meant. I listed the parts of me that wanted and yearned for a heterosexual lifestyle. That list contained the emotional part of me, the social part of me and the spiritual part of me. I then thought about what parts of me want a homosexual lifestyle. I concluded that the only part of me that desired that was the physical part me. I realized that the majority of me deep down truly wanted a heterosexual lifestyle. I truly wanted to have a wife and be a father. Now I had to ask myself, "Should I let that physical part make the choice for the other parts of me? Was i being true to myself by being a homosexual?" The answer for me is clearly no. I did indeed need to be true to my myself, no matter the cost. Even though it meant embarking on the difficult journey of changing my homosexual feelings. I am grateful for that decision and I am now more myself than I have ever been.