Monday, May 2, 2011

To Date or Not To Date, That is The Question

Hey it been a while. So I am going to do something different this time. First, I am going to talk about my dilemma on dating (and by dating I mean dating I mean dating girls) and then I am going to ask for your feed back. Okay, so here is the thing, I am becoming increasingly more attracted to girls BUT, that doesn't mean I am not still attracted to men. See, some days my attraction to girls is strong and some days it is not. So, part of me says if I am have attractions to girls then I should date and maybe it will help those attractions come along. But I know that I wont marry a girl until I my issues are resolved and though it is possible that my issues could be resolved in a month, it will probably take much longer than that, maybe five, six or seven years. I just don't know. I have seen I a lot of progress in the last year but I am definitely not there yet. So, the other part of me says how can I date someone if I can't guaranty that I will be able to marry them any time in the near future. What do you think I should do? Feel free I comment below or you can email me at or P.S. I am going to ask my therapist tomorrow what he thinks, so come back tomorrow and I'll tell you what he said.